Retail is pay-to-play and, like any game, you need to know the rules. The better you know the rules, the more effective your selling strategy can explode your sales and profits. Your creativity can then give you a significant competitive advantage.

Welcome. Today’s story impacts every brand that has or wants to have a brand on a retailer’s shelf. Let’s face it, retail is pay to play. It’s expensive. It’s even more expensive if you don’t have a clear understanding of what the retailers expect from your brand. Mistakes can cost you dearly, so you need to avoid them at all costs, pun intended. This is a huge reason why 80% of natural brands fail within the first year. I’m committed to changing that. It all begins with having a clear path forward that helps you navigate around the bottlenecks that derail most brands. It begins with a solid go-to-market strategy.

There are ways to explode sales and save you valuable time and money, but first, you need to know what retailers expect from you in addition to how to work with and manage brokers, agencies, and distributors. This means that you need to have a clear understanding of how the retailer game is played before you adopt any of the creative brand-building strategies we discuss on other podcast episodes.

For today’s episode, I brought in an expert and industry icon to help make sense of this, Bob Burke. Bob Burke’s superpower is helping brands understand what retailers expect and teaching you how to play the retail game. Before you play any game, you need to know the rules. The better you know the rules, the more effective your strategies will impact your sales. The better you understand the game, the easier it will be to level the playing field between your brand and any competitive brand in any channel.

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