Starting a brand is hard work. It challenges every aspect of your person. Brands that succeed and grow are born out of a “never give up” attitude and a focused dedication to solving a specific problem. Personalized mission-driven energy accelerates growth.

I’m frequently asked, what makes natural, natural? That’s what today’s story is about. One of the things I love about this industry is the story behind all of the different brands. Today’s story is unique. Many of the brands are natural, are born out of an idea that the founder had to solve her problem. What’s unique about today’s story is that this entrepreneur solved the problem that wasn’t even on the radar of the health profession, she and her husband were racing against the clock, literally, a life and death situation.

What did they develop? The solution they came up with was truly astounding. Not only did they have the courage to try but they also had the courage to get into one of the most difficult, one of the most competitive categories in all of CPG, the salty snack category. New brands come in and leave the category like the wind. Few brands survive and create a legacy. Today’s story is about Jackson’s Honest, a brand that did both. They solved a critically overlooked problem and their growing sales in getting into more retailers across every channel. Today’s story is about an entrepreneur who would not give up.

Ironically, when I first invited her on the podcast, her comment was, “What do I have to offer?” You’re going to be impressed. Her story is inspirational and so is the brand.

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