18 12, 2018

SECRETS 101 The most important customer you need to focus on with Ted Ning of Bodhi Tree, LOHAS and NatchCom

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Meeting your customer's needs is critical to every brand's success. LOHAS consumers are the most valuable customers - they don’t settle, they have high standards, they choose authentic quality over price, they support the environment, farmers, communities. Welcome! If you've been reading or listening to any of my content including this [...]

8 10, 2018

Learning to #HackNatural at NatchCom

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This past week I had the privilege of attending and contributing to NatchCom for the first time. NatchCom is an event that brings together industry thought leaders in the digital and e-commerce space primarily focused on natural better-for-you brands. I have long since maintained that brands need to have a multi-channel strategy. The old way of [...]

3 10, 2018

Build a community around your customers

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Larger brands tend to talk at their shoppers and not to them. One of the core strengths of natural is our ability to create a community around inspirational brands and important causes. The challenge is that traditional strategies frequently commoditize shoppers grouping them into similar buckets. Your shoppers want to be valued, respected, and [...]

21 08, 2018

SECRETS 079 How a family recipe became a thriving brand with Vincent Kitirattragarn of Dang Foods

By |2019-03-14T17:58:11-06:00August 21st, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

Standing out on a crowded shelf is difficult for any brand. Disruptive brands find creative ways to gain distribution outside traditional categories. Even more impactful is capturing the shopper's attention when they first enter the store. Before I begin, I want to remind you that there's a free downloadable guide for [...]

25 07, 2018

SECRETS 070 Online brand strategies to accelerate sales with Jennifer Krupey and Jim Moscou of NatchCom

By |2019-03-14T18:34:24-06:00July 25th, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

Retail has changed. Brands need to also have a robust online strategy to be successful. This gives brands a powerful megaphone to attract new shoppers and build brand awareness. It levels the playing field while giving brands a compelling selling story. Thank you for listening. I really appreciate you tuning in. [...]

19 04, 2018

SECRETS 041 Understanding what drives the beating heart of natural with Robbie Vitrano from Good Spread and NatchCom

By |2019-03-14T21:22:14-06:00April 19th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Story Optimization|

Shoppers want healthy natural products. Big brands and retailers struggle to connect with these shoppers and the brands driving this trend. Learn what is at the heart of natural, why it resonates with consumers and why it matters.   Today's episode focuses on what makes natural natural. You've heard me talk [...]