SECRETS 064 Innovation and revolution is at the heart of successful brands with Neil Grimmer of Habit / Plum Organics

A strong leader compels those around them to be excellent and to find creative solutions to impossible tasks, like reinventing an entire category in 3 months. They are effective community builders focused on making a lasting impact on their customers.

I want to thank you for listening. Today’s guest has an important message. He said you need to build your story around being an evangelist, and then bringing people along on the journey. Let me explain. Neil shares that there are three important elements to build your story around. First, make it personal. Focus on how you impact others. Two, make it a mission. Make it bigger than yourself. Create a movement. Create a community with a healthy dialogue. Three, get in the mindset. Focus on serving others. Neil shares that the brands that serve others first are the brands that are succeeding today. This is exactly why we do this podcast. Remember, it’s about you and it’s for you. It’s to help get your products on more retailer shelves and in the hands of more shoppers.

Next, we talk about personalization, how your product needs to meet the needs, the specific needs, of your customer. How your product needs to be something different, something unique, something that stands out on the shelf, that aligns with them. Remember, shoppers today have a lot of choices. Shoppers look beyond the four corners of the packages. Shoppers want to feel good about the products they purchase, beginning with yours. This is why your story is so very important. This is why your story needs to resonate. The story that the founder starts with has got to be the exact story with the exact same clarity and excitement and same passion as it’s shared with everyone on your team. Neil shares how he was able to leverage this simple strategy to build an iconic brand that changed the industry, that changed the way consumers think about healthy nutrition. Neil was then able to use this strategy to develop his new company, Habit, a company that’s focused on personalizing nutrition for the individual.

Personalization is the next big thing in CPG. It’s what consumers are looking for today. The brand and the retailers that are able to focus are delivering at a high level, delivering personal value to their customers, are the ones that are winning on shelf and beyond.

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