Brand relevance is changing the way consumers shop. Personalization is driving the conversation between brands and shoppers. The old rules no longer apply. Creative disruptive brands can amplify their voice with a compelling selling story.

The theme for today’s episode is complacency, and how every brand needs to fight against it. How every brand needs to strive continually to be better than every other brand on the shelf, in the market, and in their category. 

Let’s face it: The last thing you want to do is get lost in all the noise, and the clutter in your category. So how do you stand out? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you make a mark in the category? More importantly, how do you get your product on more retailer’s shelves, and into the hands of more shoppers? 

This impacts every brand. And I do mean every brand. Whether you’re online, or a traditional brick and mortar, or use a blended strategy, this is the one thing that every brand needs to fight against. 

In the words of our guest today, he says that you need to swim faster. You need to work harder. You need to be better than every other product on the shelf. So how do you do that? How do you stay on top of the competition? How do you stay relevant in front of the eyes of the consumer and of the retailer? And how do you do it without going broke in the process?

That’s where this podcast comes in, and other resources like it. Think about it: this podcast is more than just entertainment. It’s an opportunity to sit down, one on one, with the thought leaders in the industry. To be inspired by their stories, and to learn from them.

Today I have the privilege to introduce you to Michael Sansolo. I’ve known Michael for quite a while. As a leading industry voice, as a thought leader, as an author, as a keynote and featured speaker at several industry events, Michael brings a unique perspective to the industry by the way that he looks beyond the four corners of the package, or more importantly beyond the four corners of the store.

Michael focuses on trends outside of retail to better understand what’s coming up, what’s next. In a minute, for example, you’re gonna hear a story about how a brand uses personalization to help build a relationship between the customer and the brand.

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