SECRETS 059 Proof that advanced strategies and fact-based selling stories add rocket fuel to your growth with Steve Hughes of Sunrise Strategic Partners / Boulder Brands

Ever wish you had a crystal ball? Leveraging the advanced strategies big brands use helps you compete more effectively, saves you valuable time and money, provides you with actionable insights into future trends and a significant competitive advantage.

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, consuming any of the articles that I write, or if you’ve taken my free Turnkey Sales Stories Strategies course, you’ve heard me continually talk about the importance of strategies. Solid business strategies to help your brand grow sales by getting on more retailers’ shelves, and into the hands of more shoppers. Properly executing these strategies is like pouring rocket fuel on your growth. It can give you a significant competitive advantage in any economy, and in any channel.

Today’s story is proof that these advanced strategies work, and that they can help you, too. Today, I’m thrilled to have Steve Hughes on the podcast to share with you his stories about the education he received in traditional CPG. And how he leveraged that education to help him build brands in natural. Steve has an impressive background, and he truly is an inspirational leader. 

You’ve heard me interview a couple of the people that worked for him in the past, TJ McIntyre and Alex Hannifen, both from previous podcasts. They both shared their insights and how the mentoring and the coaching and the guidance that Steve gave them helped them earn the positions that they’re in today as industry leaders. 

You probably know Steve from his success at Boulder Brands, how he grew that brand and turned it into a major success. How he was able to compete head to head, toe to toe with the most sophisticated brands by using these strategies that we’ve been talking about.

Today, Steve and I have a great conversation about how he leveraged these strategies, strategies that any brand can use, and should use. We also share tips and tricks as well as insights into what we believe the future of natural CPG is going to look like.

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