SECRETS 058 Start with a Mission in mind – what big brands can learn from disruptive natural brands with Kyle Garner of Organic India / Climate Collaborative

It’s easier to begin with a mission in mind. The strength of small brands is their ability to to be agile and adaptive. Mission driven brands are changing the way we shop and the choices we make. Natural brands are influencing the choices big brands make.

The theme for today’s show is to start with a mission in mind. This show is about you, and it’s for you. I love sharing stories from inspirational thought leaders with a mission and a great story to tell. You’re about to hear an amazing story about how a brand was built with a mission in mind. What I find unique about this story is the competitive nature of today’s guest. He continually pushes himself and his team to be better, to do more, and to want more, never resting on their accomplishments. While some brands would be thrilled at what they’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time, what keeps this thought leader up at night are trying to solve problems beyond tomorrow.

My guest and I both have traditional CPG backgrounds. We talk about what big brands know and how big brands go to market, the strategies they use, the competitive tactics, etc., and despite that great education, we both ended up in the natural channel. This is why this is important. At the heart of what most of us do in this channel, there’s a mission. There’s a reason for wanting to be more and to do more. I frequently make the comparison to the ripple in the pond. There’s a seismic shift happening in the industry, and natural is that ripple in the pond. Natural is growing exponentially.

What’s exciting about this is that while there are a lot of things that natural brands, smaller brands, can learn from their larger CPG counterparts, what’s exciting is that large brands are beginning to take a lesson from us. They’re beginning to change the way that they do things. Think about it: Brands that no longer have artificial flavors, large companies that are getting behind and helping to support natural brands. What’s encouraging about this is, like the ripple in the pond, we’re making a difference, a lasting difference. We’re getting those larger brands to take a more active role, making a large commitment to support the causes, the many causes, that always support natural. For example, the Climate Collaborative, organic, sustainability, and much more.

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