Do you know what a vision quest is? It’s a search for a higher meaning and purpose. Learn how an iconic brand was born out of purpose and mission and is now leading an important movement and changing countless lives in the process.

If you’ve been tuning in much, you’ve heard me say repeatedly I love talking to entrepreneurial leaders. I love hearing their stories, how their brand got started. Typically, their story begins with a solution that they were trying to fill for their own needs or for someone that they know, cared about, and love. Today’s story is really unique. You’re going to love it. Today’s story is about someone who took a vision quest to China, to a foreign country. She and her partner took the time to learn how the farmers are producing their product, the crop, the rice. They took the time to get to know the farmers, to understand how they produce the rice, why it was unique, and what is important about it, and then find a way to improve upon it.

They seek to understand before they seek to be understood as Stephen Covey would say. As a result, they uncovered a new passion. They didn’t go to China to learn how to grow rice, to start a rice business. They went to China on a vision quest to find a purpose that was bigger than them, something that they could get behind. What they found was a love and a passion for new products, something that had been somewhat undiscovered. They instantly saw a niche, an opportunity to help the local community, the farmers, and to help provide a new sustainable source of income. They also identified a better way for them to produce their crops, and then take their crops to market. What I want to share here is what makes natural natural.

What inspires natural are people that look beyond themselves, people that focus on solving a real problem, people that come up with a creative and innovative, and inspirational idea, build a solid selling story around, and add rocket fuel to it as a result. Today’s story is about Lotus Foods, their products, and how they continue to inspire and change the industry for good including their work with a Climate Collaborative, OSC2 and beyond, they’re taking a leadership role in the way that rice is produced, leveraging their strategy of one crop per drop.

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