All brands wish for a crystal ball wanting to better understand retailers. Retailers want brands to take a leadership role in their categories and they want actionable insights they don’t have access to. Effective story telling is what sets brands apart.

Welcome, have you ever wanted to ask a retailer what they really want? I mean, really have a sit down conversation with them, and pick their brain and find out how does a brand be successful in their stores? You’ve been repeatedly told what paperwork you need, what forms you need to fill out, what you need to have when you show up to a category review. Today’s episode goes well beyond that. We talk about exactly what retailers want and need from you. 

Let’s be honest, there’s a big difference between how big brands, and small brands interact with retailers. Have you ever wondered why that is? The reason this show exists, and the reason that I put out all the content that I put out is to answer this exact question. To help give brands an equal seat at the table with the most sophisticated brands in any category. To help small brands compete head-to-head, toe-to-toe in any category, in any channel, and in any economy. My mission is to make our healthy way of life more accessible by getting your products on more retailer shelves, and into the hands of more shoppers. How do I do that? Beyond my content, my course and this podcast, I invite thought leaders from this industry to share with you their thoughts, their advice, their wisdom. You’ve heard me say repeatedly that this podcast is about you, and it’s for you. 

Today’s special guest is a former retailer with experience with small retailers, as well as one of the largest retailers in the country. He and his team were responsible for making Kroger the number one retailer for organic foods a couple years ago. My special guest today is Mathis Martines.

On today’s podcast we have an in depth conversation about what retailers really want, what they really need, and how they need brands to step up and help them succeed, and grow their categories. What we share goes well beyond an incubator, business school, seminar, or program out there. We share with you the road map to success. The skills that every brand needs to know to become a category leader. To stand out on a crowded shelf, and to build sustainable sales. We talk about the strategies to help small brands close the gap, and level the playing field.

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