Natural organic products are fueling sustainable sales across all categories and all channels. Health-focused shoppers base their buying decisions on quality, not price. They do not compromise. They demand transparency and authenticity.

Natural is the R&D in the CPG industry. Natural, organic brands are driving sustainable growth across all channels. Natural and organic consumers are not motivated by price alone. They base their buying decisions on transparency, clean label ingredients that are not only meet their nutritional needs, but products that they can trust. These consumers do their research, going beyond the four corners of the package. They vote with their dollars, purchasing products from a sustainable and mission-based brands, brands that provide true innovation that are closely aligned with their core customer, and remain true to their mission, and are steadily capturing market share.

For those who don’t know me, I’m the first person certified at the highest level category management proficiency, Certified Professional, Strategic Advisor, a CPSA, something I’m very proud of. In addition to speaking at various events like this, I’ve written over 300 articles that have been published nationally and internationally. In addition to that, I wrote the article, “Mainstreaming Category Management, Natural products sales trends and how to capitalize on them in the 2016 Category Management Handbook, I have a Turnkey Sales Story Strategies course and a popular industry podcast. 

I just finished a four-part webinar series for the Category Management Association. You can view those on their site, or I’ve actually converted the audio files too onto my podcast. So you can listen to them there. This presentation will be made available to everyone. If you want to download it, please go to

My mission is to get healthy, natural, organic brands on more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. And I do this by helping the smaller brands compete head to head, toe to toe with the large brands. And the reason that I’m here, and the reason I did the webinar series is because I helped a large brand understand what makes natural, natural.

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