Shoppers want healthy natural products. Big brands and retailers struggle to connect with these shoppers and the brands driving this trend. Learn what is at the heart of natural, why it resonates with consumers and why it matters.  

Today’s episode focuses on what makes natural natural. You’ve heard me talk about this on a lot of different podcasts, the content that I put out there, the webinars I produce and everything else. This is the underlying question that people keep asking me: What makes natural natural, and why is it important?

Why do they need to pay attention to it? You’ve probably heard me describe natural as being somewhat like a religion. That in no way means that anyone’s trying to be preaching natural. The point being is this, the natural community is more connected to what makes natural natural, the ingredients in the packaging, the ground that the ingredients are grown in, the climate, the environment, every thing that’s involved in making food more accessible. This goes well beyond the package or on the shelf. This talks about the story, the underlying story, the mission behind the brand behind the entrepreneur, why they do what they do, and why it’s important. The point is simply this: The natural organic brands that we talk about, that we celebrate on this show, are the ones that are driving sustainable sales across every category and every channel.

It’s these unique disruptive brands that are changing the way people think about food. At the heart of this discussion, we use words like transparency, clean label, and try to explain what those are and why those matter. Customers want products that they can trust, products that they can rely on to deliver exceptional nutritional value to them and their family. This is about celebrating the food for being something more than just a commodity, something you stick in your mouth. It’s about building a community and uniting that community. It’s about bringing people together. This is what makes natural natural. And this is why this episode is so important. This is why I do what I do on this podcast, and with the other content I produce.

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Robbie Vitrano, a thought leader in this space. He leverages the insights that he gets from all the other thought leaders and brings them together. This session is perhaps one of the most impactful episodes I’ve had yet in that it addresses that fundamental underlying question that people keep asking me: What makes natural natural? And why this matters.

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