SECRETS 037 Shoppers want products they can feel good about that support a healthier planet with guest Lara Dickinson at OSC2

Natural products are champions for the environment. Shoppers want to feel good about their purchases including how their choices positively impact the environment, climate and the health of our planet. Learn how a grass roots movement is leading the way.

As you listen to this podcast, you’ll routinely hear me talk about how important it is for these brands to be tied to a cause bigger themselves, tied to causes that are focused on giving back, on local, healthier, food solutions that are more nutritious for us. And one of my favorite focus areas is giving back to the world. Helping to make our world a better place, by reducing carbon footprint, by reducing the amount of pollution we create, with a focus on sustainable packaging. This has already been the focus of a few podcasts, and it will be the focus of future topics.

In fact, I’m so passionate about this, I’m going to use this as one of the lessons in my future courses. Here’s why it matters. If you’re going to merchandise your product on a shelf and drive customers into a store, you need to have packaging that fits the shelf, that helps your product stand out in a crowded shelf, and more importantly, gives consumers an opportunity to feel good about your purchase, not because of what’s in the package, but the package itself. 

Today I have the honor of speaking with Lara Dickinson, who is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of OSC2, an organization focused on the important things that we’re talking about on this podcast, and especially in this intro. I had the privilege of meeting with Lara at a breakfast they hosted at Expo West.  It was inspirational. The different speakers shared their thoughts and beliefs on what’s going on in the world, along with their commitment to do good. 

In addition to that, during this breakfast, I also had a chance to listen to and learn a little bit more about the Climate Collaborative, which is closely tied to OSC2. I will include links to both OSC2 and the Climate Collaborative in the show notes, and on this podcast webpage.

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Click here to learn more about OSC2

Click here to learn more about Climate Collaborative

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