Savvy brands are experts at meeting their customer’s needs & helping to connect retailers with their loyal shoppers. This is where the real power of a brand at retail is important. Retailers need to partner with brands to satisfy shoppers and drive sales.

While doing research for today’s podcast, I was doing research into our guest and into the brand as I always do. I was reminded of the story this time of the movie Field of Dreams where the theme was if you build it, they will come. In today’s story, I learned about Ethan Brown and his journey to solve some of the problems of the we talk about on this podcast in different ways. For example, talking about making our healthy way of life more accessible by producing alternative solutions for people who are trying to watch their cholesterol or their blood pressure or some of those other health issues or concerns that so many people are focused on, in addition to that, helping our environment, by reducing greenhouse gases and reducing the number of animals that are required to produce food for us.

Ethan Brown is the founder of Beyond Meat. I highly recommend that you listen to the podcast episode that he did with NPR on their website. I will put a link to it in the show notes and on this episode’s webpage. I love working with, interviewing and speaking to disruptive brands that are trying to differentiate themselves through authentic, mission based objectives. This is something that the brand takes on because it’s part of their DNA. It’s not something that they’re doing to try to gain extra support. It is who they are. They give back. On today’s episode, I have the privilege of talking to Chuck who is Beyond Meat’s Chief Growth Officer.

Chuck was kind enough to share with us, how a brand can leverage social media and consumer demand to help them get their products on retailer’s shelves and into the hands of more consumers while helping to guide retailers to understand and educate them on the new trends in the marketplace, to help them give their customers the products and the solutions that they’re looking for. It’s a relationship between the brands and the retailers that we’re trying to foster here on this podcast and in all of my content and in my free course. Today, Chuck talks about how they’re able to leverage their story at retail, to help retailers carve out a space for them to meet the needs of that health conscious consumer that is looking for alternative solutions, to support their needs and the needs of their family.

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