SECRETS 034 Plant Based Growth Strategies with guest Mike Cooke with Daiya Foods

Plant based foods fulfill consumer’s needs for healthy innovative products. This growing trend is driving sales across all categories. Be inspired by Daiya, a brand and founding member of the Plant Based Food Association leading this revolution!

Throughout this podcast and all of my content, I talk about the new trends in the marketplace. I talk about how leading disruptive brands are really making an impact by helping retailers meet the needs of their consumers and their shoppers, by providing the items that their shoppers want to buy. The next focus is how to help the retailers merchandise and take advantage of these strategies, these products, how to leverage them to drive traffic in their store and profitable, sustainable sales across every category. Then to follow up, how does that retailer use those products to drive sales across the entire store? What I mean by that is that consumers that buy healthy products, whether it be organic, plant-based, etc., tend to spend more money buying other products, premium products, across the entire store, because those consumers understand that if you are what you eat, then eating food that properly provides nutrition for your body is going to fuel you longer. In the long run, even though it’s a few pennies more at the register, it’s actually cheaper for you, and that’s the basis of everything I teach, everything I talk about.

Today’s guest helps me amplify that message by helping consumers understand why these products are important, why they matter, and then also helping the retailer understand how to leverage these products to help those consumers find the solutions they want. My guest on this episode is Mike Cooke, the VP of Sales for Daiya Foods, a plant-based brand that is revolutionizing the way that consumers think about plant-based products. Here’s why it matters. Consumers are looking for healthier options, and plant-based is one of those options that consumers are flocking toward.

It’s one of those solutions, one of those product solutions, those meal solutions that consumers are actively choosing to add to their diet. Not because they’re trying to become vegan, but rather because they’re looking for other products to add to their menu that help support them in their goal toward becoming healthier. We also talk about the Plant Based Food Association, which is driving this conversation not only at retail, but across the entire food ecosystem, across all CPG, and helping to support it with legislation. That ensures that plant-based foods have an equal voice with retailers, and within all of CPG.

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