Entrepreneurs are some of the most dedicated, driven, & passionate people. They struggle with finding the proper balance between running their daily business and serving their customers. Sell more and save valuable time and money.

Today I want to talk to you about something that stifles literally every brand out there, not having enough hours in the day. Seriously, who wouldn’t appreciate having more time to do the things that we want to do? The things that we’re passionate about, or the things that really help drive our business forward? That’s what today’s stories are about. This affects everyone, including me. I’ve noticed that with help, I’m able to get a lot more accomplished. I’m able to serve you, my community, much better as a result. I see this with brands that I work with as well. This includes those young entrepreneurs that are doing everything possible to pinch pennies, while growing their business.

Now, certainly I’m not advocating spending money that you don’t have. But the simple reality is this, if you can find a way to hire someone to take some of the mundane, routine tasks off your plate, that’s going to give you more freedom to do the things that grow your business. Then the next step is to hire people that can take away or take over some of those projects that distract you from running your business, from being successful. At the end of the day, consumers buy your brand because they love what it stands for, what you stand for. Shoppers want what they want, I say that all the time. Shoppers want to know that they can go into the store and find your product.

If you have something distracting you from getting your product into the hands of more consumers, well, that hurts both you and the consumers really trying to help support you. Think about it. In today’s story, Connor reached out to me and shared with me some of the growing pains he had when he was starting a business. In his effort to solve those problems, he created a side business, which actually now is his full time business. But the point is this, he found a way to uncork that bottleneck. He found a way to help him drive sales, and make time for what was important, supporting his customers.

This is the focus of today’s podcast, being laser focused on giving your customer the extraordinary support they need and deserve while removing any distractions that could be handled by someone else.

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