I have a question for you. Have you had an opportunity to listen to episode 10 of this podcast? Episode 10 was Retail Horror Stories. The reason I ask is because I shared several real-life stories about costly mistakes that brands make. For example, packages that don’t stand up on the shelf or packages that won’t even fit on the shelf.

Imagine this, you’re a brand, you spent a lot of time and energy developing a product. Your goal is to get it in the hands of more consumers, but in your haste you overlook something. Perhaps something as important as making sure the product will fit on the shelf. This story’s a lot like that, only more importantly this story goes to the heart of your brand. Let me explain. You’ve taken the time to search out the best ingredients to provide the best value to your customers. Next, you want to sing the praises of your brand all over the packaging and on any marketing material you have, but can you make that claim legitimately?

This story is about how to help you identify what you need to know so that when you make a claim you can stand behind it proudly without any concerns of anyone questioning the integrity and the efficacy of your product. Today’s story is a roadmap to help you identify before you start building the product, what you need to know so that you can set yourself up for future success. I’m pleased to introduce Risa with Tap~Root. She’s a well-known author and advocate for natural products.

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