Sustainable packaging is the future resonating with health-focused brands committed to making a real difference in the world. Compostable packaging allows brands to extend their messaging beyond the ingredients while reinforcing their mission.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Reyna Bryan, a packaging expert. I was so thrilled with her passion for the industry and her insights about sustainable packaging, that I just simply had to invite her on this show. She’s going to share with you information about the future of sustainable packaging, new trends and product developments to keep your eye on.

Now I admit, in the beginning of the show, we get a little bit into the weeds, talking about typical packaging, traditional packaging. I wanted to do this on purpose and the reason for that is I really wanted to set the stage, to help differentiate conventional packaging that most brands are using, actually probably every brand’s using today, as compared to sustainable packaging, to really highlight the impacts sustainable packaging has on our future, on the impact of brands on the shelf and how it’s really going to spur growth down the road.

Reyna was also kind enough to share another initiative that she has, where she has focused on helping brands understand the impact of sustainable packaging, and how to better communicate that to their core consumers, a win-win. I think you’re going to love this show today. I got a lot of great information about it and learned a lot about the industry, the packaging industry, as a result.

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