You’ve worked hard to build your brand. No one has the same dedication, passion, and commitment to its success. Most brands rely heavily on external sales teams to support them at retail. Learn strategies to maximize sales and gain loyal shoppers.

Welcome, today we’re going to cover one of the biggest challenges that every young brand faces, how to build a sales team. More importantly, how to build an effective sales team that’s going to help produce the results you’re looking for and grow the mega brand that you’ve dreamed of. In a perfect world, we’d simply just replicate you or more specifically, we’d find a sales force that matches your passion, your drive, and your enthusiasm around the product. We’d find people that are dedicated to capitalizing on each and every opportunity that you have, to get in front of a retailer.

In that perfect world, each one of your salespeople would be well educated and fully immersed in the product. Your success would be their success. Developing an effective sales team is one of the biggest challenges that every brand faces, even large brands. How do you do that effectively? Today, we’re going to discuss how to maximize your sales efforts with an external sales team. Let me explain. An internal sales force is a sales force that is hired by you. They’re all working for you. You pay them. Their results are your results. That’s very expensive. A lot of brands turn to an external sales force. Particularly a broker. When used correctly, a broker can be a powerful addition to your sales team. They can help you get in front of retailers, help you manage your product on shelf, and help you drive sales.

The challenge is, how do you really maximize the broker’s efforts on your behalf? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today.

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