Secrets 002 Strategies to help your natural organic brand stand out on a crowded retailers shelf

Thank you for joining me for the second episode of the Brands Secrets and Strategies podcasts.  Today we are going to slow things down a bit and begin unpacking some of the key concepts and strategies that will be the theme of much of the shows going forward.

I first want to talk about the brand retailer relationship.  Today the retailers have the power, what I mean by that is, there is an illusion that brands need retailers more than retailers need brands, this is simply not true.  You have been told for years now that price is the only thing that motivates shoppers to buy your products.  You continually hear experts go on and on about how price is the only thing that drives sales at retail.  This is not true, not even close, if it were true then luxury brands and decadent products would not be growing in sales.  The truth is that quality matters more than price, value matters more than price, healthy, clean label natural organic products matter.  They play an important row in any retailer’s strategy.

This is why I want to challenge the premise that retailers have all of the power.  In other words, they need you as much as you need them.  This is evidenced in the value of the core natural shopper and why they are so important to retailers, especially mainstream retailers.  This is why mainstream brands are looking to acquire natural brands.  They want to tap into that power to attract quality shoppers who will spend a premium to buy the ‘better for you’ products.  This is also why local clean label, farm to table, organic and products that support important causes, are so popular.  The bottom line is shoppers want to feel good about the products they buy.  The committed natural shopper reads labels, they know what they are putting into their bodies, they understand the ingredients, probably far better than the people who work at the store.  They understand how that product meets their nutritional goal and how that product is going to help benefit them and their family.

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