How well do you know the value of your best consumer? I ask this question a lot and rarely do I get anything but a generic answer. While it may be true that your best customer is female, 32-45, and has 2.3 kids, this is not enough to help you build trust and authenticity. Shoppers want to have a personal relationship with the brands they love.

Think about it. When your favorite niece tells you what kind of gift they want, simply saying that they want a toy or a book is not enough. You would never settle for that generic of an answer. You would drill down to the specifics. This is why toymakers and books have age ranges on them. The more specific you can get the better chance of making your niece smile.

Retail is very similar. Big brands use generic messaging when they talk at us. I believe that this lack of personalization is why they have trust issues with consumers. Consumers don’t believe that they are sincere.

Natural brands have the ability to be more authentic in their communication. The same level of care you put into your messaging and in creating your products also needs to be clearly communicated to every retailer. The real value of your brand is the shopper you attract into a retailer’s store. This is why it is so important to help guide the retailer to merchandise and promote to your ideal customer – their ideal customer. This will help set you apart from other brands as a category leader. A category leader is any brand willing and able to help guide the retailer to grow sustainable sales by focusing on meeting the needs of their ideal shopper. This is at the heart of my Turnkey Sales Story Strategies course where I teach you exactly how to bake these strategies into your brand’s DNA. I go deep into this on Podcast episode 101.

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