Today, I have an inspiring store for you.  It’s the ultimate American success story about an accidental farmer and how he carefully listened to consumers and trusted gut eventually spearheading a powerful initiative to bring transparency and authenticity back into our food system.  Tim’s story includes bringing small local farmers together to support and produce the healthy products shoppers want.

You are what you eat.

That statement goes well beyond the ingredient label. Todays BRAND SECRETS AND STRATEGIES podcast focuses the importance of the ingredients beyond what is not printed on the product label – the part that is most important to your health.

Today’s story is about a brand that listened carefully to their consumer base, going well beyond their peers, giving back to the community, and making sustainable change by helping to lead an initiative to dramatically change the way healthy, nutritious products pass from farm to table.

You’ve heard the expression “You are what you eat.” That statement goes well beyond the ingredients listed on the label, and also includes how the animals are fed, what they’re fed and the products that they produce as a result. Today’s story is about an innovative brand, that was able to leverage their ability to listen to the consumer, to not only help their local community but to provide healthy, nutritious products that now are resonating with consumers all across the country.

I’m excited and looking forward to introducing you to Tim Joseph, the CEO of Maple Hill Creamery. I go out of my way to bump into Tim at trade shows. One, because I love his product, and two, because I love his story. It’s amazing. His “overnight success,” and you probably hear him laughing in the background, is a story of not only inspiration, but it’s also a story of hope, and it’s a story of how one person can make such a dramatic difference in the industry

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