This presentation builds on the previous webex: Merchandising Strategies To Increase Loyal Shoppers And Grow Sales.

Are you tired of being treated as an ATM by retailers, brokers, and distributors? Remember that their success is based on how well they help you succeed.  They need you as much as you need them.

The key to every brand’s success is your ability to be found by shoppers wanting your products.  Shoppers can’t buy what they can’t find.  All too often, brands struggle to gain distribution on retailer’s shelves due to an ineffective merchandising strategy. Most natural organic brands do not have deep pockets and even if you do, money can not guarantee premium product placement.

Now that you have started working with retailers, you need to take the next step.  Shoppers want what they want and if they can’t easily find your products they will chose a different brand. Brands need to take responsibility for the placement and distribution of their products.  Proper product placement recommendations needs to be included in each and every selling situation.

During this webcast – the second in a series – Daniel Lohman, Organic and CPG Industry Strategic Advisor for Category Management Solutions, will focus on strategies to help you get your brand on retailer’s shelves and keep it there.

Among the topics to be discussed are: 

  • Why most brands fail and how to avoid the common pitfalls

  • Actionable insights and brand building strategies to grow your brand

  • How to maximize your relationship with your brokers, distributors, and retailers

  • Insider secrets – – what the big brands know

  • How to create a compelling sales story for retailers

  • Strategies to significantly increase your chance of success and ROI

  • How to make sense of all the data and use it to your competitive advantage

  • How to identify key opportunities to expand your distribution and improve your merchandising

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