When should you begin nurturing your future shoppers? While they are young. Food impacts every aspect of our lives. Children are our future and there is nothing more important than ensuring they have every advantage and that begins with healthy nutrition. 

Welcome. Today’s story is about you. It’s about your future, your future customers, the health of your community, and much more.

Let’s face it, parents will do almost anything to ensure that their kids have every opportunity possible. That means feeding them the very best clean label ingredients, ensuring that they get enough rest and that they have all the supplies necessary to be successful in school. While that’s the goal of every parent, the sad reality is that not every parent can provide for their children the way that they’d like to.

As you’ll hear in this podcast episode, you’re going to find that a lot of kids rely on school lunches and school breakfast as their primary source for nutritious food, and yet we go out of our way to nickel and dime the school districts, so that some school districts can’t provide the nutritional foods that kids need to be successful.

When you hear terms like food poverty, meaning people not having the right food to properly sustain their families, this is where a lot of that conversation begins. This is one of the areas that we can make the biggest impact and yet, gain the greatest rewards. Think about it. These children are our future leaders. They are our legacy. This is where we begin to invest in our future, so why does this matter and why is it important to your brand?

Beyond the ability to give back and help support your community, think about what’s important in terms of building a successful brand. If you had an opportunity to choose when you start educating your future customer about your brand, when would you start? Well, obviously as soon as possible when they’re young. This is exactly what today’s story is about, teaching children about healthy nutrition.

And as you’re going to hear on this podcast episode, when you teach children about healthy nutrition, that helps reinforce those habits as they get older, and more importantly, has a deep and lasting impact on the way that their families eat. So not only is it a win win for the community, and feels good to give back, this is an opportunity for you to help change the way that consumers think about food, change the way that your communities think about the products that you sell, and help educate your future customers about the value that your brand offers to them and to their family.

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