Shoppers want what they want & any retailer who makes that their primary focus will win the retail game. Now layer on local, organic, fast-casual dining, & convenience & you have the recipe for success. This model should be the rule & not the exception!  

Welcome. On this podcast, we spend a lot of time talking about what makes natural, natural. What makes natural unique. At the heart of that are a couple of things. One, innovation, and two community. How we all work together to help support one another.

What’s unique about today’s story is we’re not talking about a specific brand, like a package brand you’d see on a retailer shelf. Instead, we’re talking about a retailer. A retail strategy that’s somewhat revolutionary. And what I mean by that is that a strategy that aligns with the consumers that they sell.

Two, more importantly, what I’m getting at is a retailer that listens to the consumers around them. And providing the solutions and the products that they want to buy. The idea behind this is kind of revolutionary. Most traditional retail spends most of their time trying to sell us the stuff on their shelves rather than asking us what we want. Today’s story is about a unique disruptive retailer, that is working hard to align local with food deserts, with people that need high-quality good food. What’s unique about this story is that it’s the interaction between not only the retailer but also the community that brings the product in. The community that shops the store, and their go-to-market strategy as a whole. You’ll learn more about that in this interview, so you’re going to want to stay tuned.

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