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Consulting Overview

You’ve worked hard to build your brand.  It’s your baby and you are personally committed to helping it grow and blossom.  You have always been hands-on but you realize that you need help and guidance – you can’t possibly be an expert in every area.  You realize that you must acquire new skills and capabilities if you plan to succeed but you can’t stop time to “go back to school”.

Consulting is the perfect blend of a robust classroom, education and being mentored by an industry expert and thought leader.

Consulting Benefits

All top professional athletes, business guru’s, and successful brands use advisors, coaches and consultants. Consultants are the quickest and most effective path to greatness.  They can save you valuable time and money helping you avoid making costly mistakes, providing solutions that help you get and stay ahead of the competition, keeping you aligned with your strategic objectives, all while mentoring you to become a leader in your category.

You gain full access to the abundant experience and guidance of a seasoned and trusted industry thought leader.  You and your team will benefit by working alongside and learning from a Certified Professional Strategic Advisor as you grow sales and profits as a category leader.

  • Gain strategies that save valuable time and money – Time IS money!  You will quickly master the required skills to grow sustainable sales and profits working alongside a seasoned mentor
  • Advanced business strategy skills – Gain valuable exposure to industry best practices from a established expert and thought leader
  • Higher trade marketing ROI – Magnify each and every selling opportunity while reducing trade spending! Trade spending is typically the largest line item on a brand’s income statement despite being largely ineffective
  • Effective merchandising and better distribution – Standout on a crowded shelf!  Get your product in the hands of loyal qualified shoppers
  • Compete more effectively – become a category leader– Savvy retailers need and want to work with competent brands capable of helping them increase sales and shopper foot traffic.  Category leaders can enjoy incremental opportunities to drive sales and profits

What To Expect

We will work collaboratively together throughout every step as I coach and advise you on live projects.  When necessary I step in and do the work providing you an example to learn from.  Walk away with the strategies, tips, tricks, and solutions used by the most sophisticated big brands plus much more.  Advanced category management will set you apart from your competition and help you take a leadership role in the category.  It will deliver profitable strategies that grow sales and help get your brand in the hands of more shoppers.

How It Works

  • We will first talk by phone to discuss your needs, your current situation, and to evaluate your level of knowledge of category management strategies, tools, and solutions. This usually takes 30 to 60 minutes
  • Next I will draft a custom advising/consulting program to address your goals along with my recommendations.  This typically takes place during our initial conversation.
  • With an agreed upon set of objectives in writing, we then discuss your availability and preferred collaboration style: onsite in-person, by phone, online, etc.
  • We then get started working together.  When possible we will use live projects you are working on.  If this is not the case, I will provide mock projects that address your advising/learning objectives and needs.
  • This process can take from a week to several months depending on your availability, your preferred collaboration style, the challenges, and the skills you wish to develop.  Most clients choose to break their training into bite-size modules delivered in intervals.  This is ideal because it allows you to become proficient in a skill needed for a future lesson.
  • Your satisfaction is my top priority.  Advising/learning is an on-going process.  I work with beginners as well as established professionals looking to hone their skills and take them to the next level

The Details

Your advising/training is hands-on and geared to your specific needs.  This is not a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all program. You gain the skills required to meet and exceed your objectives – at your pace. More importantly, you only pay for the skills and support you need and nothing more.

Retainer: Sometimes beginners don’t know which skills they need to effectively grow sales and profits.  I recommend we begin with a ten hour retainer. This gives me an opportunity to better understand and assess your situation along with your current and future training needs.  I will then recommend a program and provide you with the estimate of the time required to achieve that objective.

On-site: Having me at your location is a great cost effective way to develop your entire team. This also gives me a better understanding of your current situation allowing me to be a more effective coach.

Custom: I work with you to find the best solution, or combination of solutions, to fit your advising/training and development needs.

I will discuss my fees during your free 30 minute initial consultation.


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A 30 minute consult by phone determine what training is right for your business.