The future of our industry is in the hands of our children. If you are what you eat then what you eat matters. Quality nutrition is the best preventative cure to many of the problems that plague us. Big Green is committed to Real Food For Everyone.

Welcome. Today’s story is about inspiration. The lifeblood of every brand is the customers who buy their products. The survival of any brand is its ability to acquire new customers. Well, why not start where that matters the most? Why not start by teaching children about the value and the importance of quality nutrition? Why not start acquiring customers at an early age, and I don’t mean marketing or doing something sleazy or something like that to try to attract these customers. What I’m talking about is an innovative mission to help teach the value of proper, healthy nutrition to young children and how that can be communicated to their parents. Be honest: think about how influential our children could be on our buying decisions. Wouldn’t it be amazing if instead of having your child beg for the cereal with the new superhero on the cover, instead, wanting something that’s healthy? Wanting more of products with ingredients that they grew at school themselves. Brands are continually looking for a mission to align themselves with, a mission that matters, something that resonates with their customers. Something that differentiates them from everyone else. 

Why not focus on a mission in your own backyard? Why not create a mission where you’re educating and inspiring the community around you to love and appreciate food, especially the food that you’re making?

Today’s story is about GreenSeed, a company that’s committed to and dedicated to changing the way we think about food, beginning with our children. I love the story, and you’re going to love it too. Nothing inspires me more than making a difference in our community. We rise by helping each other. I want to personally encourage everyone to check out Big Green, and to see for yourself firsthand, the difference that they’re making. My call-to-action to you is to get involved and to help them achieve their mission, your mission, to help get your healthy products onto more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. One way to do that is to join the Plant a Seed Day movement on March 20th, 2019. You can learn more about it on their website. There’s a link at the end of the show. 

Now here’s Tighe Hutchins with Big Green.

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