Building a brand can be challenging. Surrounding yourself with quality experts can lessen the load. Learning from experts can add rocket fuel to your growth and help you avoid costly pitfalls. Engaged knowledgable leaders outperform their competitors.

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This week’s story is about an icon in our industry who started with a legacy brand helping to build it into one of the most trusted and respected brands in the natural channel. Through his journey, he wore many different hats and had the opportunity, the unique opportunity to learn about the business from the ground up. 

Bob now shares what he’s learned with the industry in his natural product’s field manual, his seminars, the business schools that he leads at both natural product expos and with you here on today’s podcast. Let’s face it, starting a business can be difficult and extremely challenging.

Having the proper guidance, having the proper Sherpa to help you up the mountain to teach you everything you need to know about building a brand, getting funding, getting on a retailer shelf, working with a broker, all of those things are critically important to your success.

Fortunately in this industry, there are people that are willing and able and eager to help you. Today’s guest is one of the leading consultants in the industry. He’s earned the reputation as the go-to expert. My special guest today is Bob Burke of Natural Products Consulting.

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