Consumers want to feel good about the products they purchase, brands that align with social conscience. We respect those who stand up for trustworthy clean products, people, and the planet. Few leaders put their personal freedoms on the line for good. 

Today’s story is about an industry thought leader that went way above and beyond to do more and to be more, and in the process, managed to build two iconic brands. On this podcast, we spend a lot of time celebrating those thought leaders that are able to do more to build a brand around a mission, that educates and inspires consumers to change the way that they do business, to change the way that they buy products, to change the way that they make decision. 

One of the leading trends across all consumer package goods is mission. Customers want to feel good about the products that they buy. They want and go out of their way to find products that align with what’s important to them, to find products that let them feel good about the decisions and the choices that they’re making. Not everyone can stop what they’re doing and work in a soup line or help out in a third world country.

Mission based companies are unique in that they give consumers an opportunity to make a difference just by simply purchasing the products that they know and like and trust. One of the things that makes natural natural are brands that are willing and eager to give back to make a difference, to develop a mission or build a mission around their brand. It’s rare however, when we find a thought leader that’s willing to go beyond that and give their all, everything, even putting themselves on the line, including their personal freedom. Today’s guest was instrumental in championing important causes, including the health and welfare of our planet. Champion the causes that impact all of us, from climate change to animal rights, to human rights and so on. 

Today’s guests put his personal freedom on the line for all of us, and I want to thank Jeffrey for doing that. Today’s guest is Jeffrey Hollender, of Sustain Natural and Seventh Generation.

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