SECRETS 094 Reinventing favorite foods with Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Kitchen

Everyone loves cheese but many can’t or don’t eat dairy. Flavoring substitutes have never been a good alternative, especially with artisan products. Dietary choices should not restrict access to flavor and quality. Vegan artisan cheese fills that void.

Welcome. Before I begin, I want to remind you that there’s a free download at the end of most every episode. I always try to include one easy-to-download, quick-to-digest strategy that you can instantly adopt and make your own, one that you can use to grow sustainable sales and compete more effectively. Remember, the goal here is to get your product on more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.

I love inspirational stories, inspirational stories about iconic brands and what the entrepreneur had to do to build the brand up. What’s interesting is they all have a similar theme. They learn what they should and they shouldn’t do, but yet they persevere. I love sharing their stories about the strategies that they identified, the strategies that they came upon that worked best for them, the strategies that helped them build their brand to where it is today. 

While a lot of brands look at the package and think that they’re an overnight success, few brands really are, and what’s great about this is that these stories help inspire future generations of entrepreneurs. 

Let’s face it, building a brand is difficult. It’s hard work. It takes a lot of effort, and you need to surround yourself with the right people. Rarely ever does everything go right the first time, the second time, the third time, and so on. These stories help illustrate what brands need to be thinking about, what they need to do so they can help stand out on a crowded shelf. 

Today’s story is about a disruptive brand that’s changing the way we think about artisan cheese. Non-dairy, vegan cheese has changed a lot. I remember several years ago, when the packaging actually tasted better than the product inside. That’s not true today. Today, there are amazing products with a great mouth-feel, robust flavors that smell fantastic. 

Today’s story is about the brand that’s leading this charge. Here’s Miyoko from Miyoko’s Kitchen.

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