Most brands tend to improve upon existing products. Typically the changes include formulation and flavor modifications. Rarely do they include redefining the category with innovative packaging AND making a better product while improving the industry. 

This week’s story’s about a tenacious entrepreneur that would not give up no matter the problem, no matter how many bottlenecks were put in front of him. He followed his gut and he did the research to ensure that he had the right strategy to move forward. More importantly, he redefined the category in terms of the way we think about something that most of us think of as a commodity. As a result, carved out a unique niche that set him apart from the competition, something that really was a game changer in the way that consumers think about nut butters. All of a sudden, they were a convenient snack, a quick energy boost for athletes and people on-the-go. The convenient and easy way to try new products and a convenient portable source of protein. In the process, Justin has become instrumental in changing the way that big brands focus on what’s important to the consumers, by what he calls the triple bottom line approach, that focus on people, products, and planet. This is changing the mindset, and the way that big brands look at small brands by focusing on the consumer and helping small brands gain a bigger voice and help them get under more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. 

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