Digital strategies give brands an equal voice against their largest competitors, leveling the playing field. The ability to create a connected community united around common needs, beliefs, and values is the most powerful way to amplify your brand’s voice.

Welcome. Today’s story is proof positive that developing a strong online digital marketing strategy can help you win with at traditional retail. More importantly, it can help give you that added traction, that added runway, to help your brand succeed. Today’s story is proof positive that the riches are in the niches. 

What I mean by that, as consumers continue to look for healthy options, striving for healthy or better for you, cleaner products, there are opportunities out there. This is a story about how a brand, how an entrepreneur identified a niche and was able to develop a brand in it. What’s really compelling about this is that they became a leader in the category in this space in terms of clean label, plant-based, et cetera.

Today’s story is about a little brand to be the first to take on a Goliath, and that redefined a category. Today, we also talked about the importance of having a healthy foundation to build your brand on.

This is exactly why I launched my free Turnkey Sales Story Strategies course, to help every brand, literally, every brand, develop the strong, healthy foundation that’s going to help them succeed. Not only today, but tomorrow and beyond. The course teaches brands how to leverage their selling story, so that they have a unified message, with the same passion and enthusiasm as the founder, that they communicate that story in the same way that the founder would communicate it, with their brokers, with their distributors, with the retailers, and their customers.

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