Brands with weak foundations crumble and fail. A commitment to excellence combined with discipline and hard-work are the building blocks for lasting success. Shortcuts erode and distract leading to bad habits that can derail and imperial your future.

I appreciate you for listening. Thank you for all the great feedback and support you’re giving me. Remember, the show is about you, and it’s for you. If you’re new to this show, please subscribe, share it with a friend, and leave a review on iTunes. Don’t forget, I wanna remind you that there’s a free downloadable guide for you at the end of most every episode of the podcast. I always try to include one easy to download, quick to digest strategy that you can instantly adopt, and make your own. One that can help you grow sales, and compete more effectively. Remember, the goal here is to get your product on more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.

This is exactly what today’s story is about. We talked about the old strategies, and how the old school strategies are really essential for helping brands develop a solid foundation to grow their brand on. Today, my guest and I talk about the old school strategies that we learned when we worked for big brands, and how those strategies are not being taught today in natural, and why they’re so imperative to the health, success, and longevity of your brand.

There’s a wrong way, and a right way to do most everything. Sadly, these strategies are really not being taught in natural. That is the core focus of this podcast, and this is exactly why I brought Peter on today. Developing these strategies and baking them into your brand’s DNA is what’s going to differentiate you between a one hit wonder and a legacy brand that can withstand the test of time. The kind of brand that makes the impact that you probably started this for, the kind of brand that has the resilience, and the ability to compete head-to-head, toe to toe with the biggest brands out there.

During this podcast, I talked about my free course, Turnkey Sales Story Strategies. This is exactly why I developed this course that I teach brands, exactly what we’re talking about today. These are the same strategies that Peter has relied on throughout his entire career as the president of Hain Celestial, the president of Justin’s Nut Butter, and the President of ONE Brands.

Think about it, this is the kind of impressive resume that can only come by having the discipline to make sure that you have a solid foundation to build your brand on.

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