There is a lot every entrepreneur needs to know about starting a brand. While failure, hard work and perseverance can be the best teachers, there’s a better way. Listening carefully and giving your customers what they want is the shortest path to success.

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Today’s story is about an entrepreneur who continually pushed himself beyond his comfort level, stretching himself, as he says, learning from his mistakes, and always being curious about everything around him, always trying to solve and figure out things. He talks about his creative side and he talks about his love for engineering and how things are built. Today’s story is about an entrepreneur who found a way to push beyond his comfort zone to create two disruptive brands, two brands that are really changing the way consumers buy products. 

I want to thank Zak from coming on today, because you’re going to hear Zak candidly share all the challenges and all the mistakes that he made, and believe me, he made a lot. Not only did Zak manage to get beyond the bottlenecks, but he managed to succeed and thrive in a couple of categories where most brands struggle. At the heart of today’s message you’re going to hear about perseverance and how not giving up, never giving up is the key to success. Having a winning idea, always being curious, pushing yourself beyond your comfort level, stretching yourself, learning from your mistakes. This is the recipe for success. This is the recipe that every brand should be following. I know you’re going to find today’s episode really inspiring. 

If you’d like to meet Zak in person, both Zak and myself are going to be speaking at NatchCom, 2018, in Boulder, Colorado this October. I have a special promotion for you on my website, on the Resources page if you’re interested, to save you some money, to a show that’s going to help you gain valuable insights from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and many other iconic brands and thought leaders in the industry.

Here’s Zak Normandin with DIRTY LEMON and Little Duck Organics.

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