Disruptive brands need to creatively find ways to get their products onto retailer’s shelves and into the hands of shoppers. This includes finding new ways to produce and distribute your products. Your selling story needs to celebrate being a trailblazer.

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Today’s story is about an entrepreneur that saw a need in the freezer section. A need for convenient, easy to eat, easy to serve, meals that were organic. What I enjoyed learning most about with this company is how they decided that they needed to be able to control the supply chain because there wasn’t the infrastructure to be able to support a brand like theirs. A brand that produces healthy, organic, frozen foods. Their story includes their journey to understanding how to fulfill their products more effectively. The creative solution that they came up with to be able to fill this need more effectively was to build their own plant. This gives them the unique opportunity to control everything as far as the quality of their food, the production of their food. They know, they absolutely know, how their products are made. 

This is a huge point of differentiation for some brands, especially small brands. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great co-packers out there and they do a phenomenal job, but to be able to control every aspect of how your product’s produced gives you a unique and competitive advantage. Can you remember back to when you had a homemade meal, when everything was made from scratch? This is effectively what this brand is doing. Being able to provide that end to end solution, that trust and transparency to be able to authentically tell their story, their unique story to their customers and to their partner retailers. Here’s David Perkins with Beetnik Foods.

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