The future of healthy eating. Consumers want healthy quality foods they can trust but are confused about organic, the features and benefits. Healthy soil produces something even better – regenerative organic. You are what you eat.

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Today’s story is really a story of exploration. Let me explain. You’ve heard me say repeatedly that if you are what you eat, then what you eat matters.  If the food that you put into your system is organic and clean label, ideally, you should be able to trace the ingredients all the way back to the product’s origin. This is where we should begin our conversation, but that’s not necessarily enough. The next question should be how authentic is the ingredient? Is it what nature intended?

Today’s story is an effort to unravel this mystery, unravel these questions. It’s not as black and white as you would think. The point is this, most consumers want to know exactly what they’re buying. They want to know what’s in their food and how their food is produced. It is imperative that we as a natural community communicate this appropriately and accurately to the retailers and to our shoppers, essentially giving our customers exactly what they want; the level of quality, and transparency, and authenticity in the products that they’re buying that they can know, like and trust; products that they can rely on, on every single purchase.

I learned a lot in this episode, and you will too. I learned that just saying that something is organic, while great, is not necessarily enough; that there’s something better out there, regenerative agriculture. What is that? What does it mean and why should it matter to you?

Today, we’re talking with Jeff Moyer at the Rodale Institute. He’s going to explain this to us and give us several examples about why this matters and why this is so important not only to the benefit of our customers but to the benefit of the planet, our health, our family, our friends and so on.

In episode 42 Gary Hirshberg said we need to vote with our dollars meaning that we should commit to buying the products that best fit our nutritional needs, the products that give back, the products that are capable of improving our overall health.

Gary also made the point that it’s a lot cheaper to eat products that meet our nutritional needs, eat the products that help protect our health and, as he said, help us avoid expensive medical cost because we didn’t make the right decisions to begin with.

These sentiments have been echoed through almost every conversation I’ve had on this podcast. This is why getting to the heart of the matter was so important for me to be able to share this with you. Here’s Jeff Moyer of Rodale Institute and Regenerative Organic.

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