Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path & leave a trail. Own the space & control your own destiny through innovation & by adapting to what your customer’s want. Become a category leader by carving out your own unique niche.

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In addition to providing a free downloadable guide at the end of each show, I’ve also started providing coaching and guidance in many of the shows to help brands accelerate growth by helping them get their products onto more retailers shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.  

Today’s story is about a brand that never gave up, even when the odds were stacked against them. On top of that, this brand chose to do something that was radically different than any other brand in the space, to literally go where no energy bar had gone before. In the process, they redefined the category and they created a whole new group of consumers. They identified a specific need and they filled it. What’s really unique about this brand is that they know their numbers and they know their customers. 

Now, you’re probably saying, “Well, every brand knows who their customers are. They wouldn’t have a brand if they didn’t.” This story is unique in that they built a product for their customers in an extremely competitive category. Interestingly enough, this is where a lot of brands get their start: in energy bars. What’s unique about this brand is that you can find their products in the refrigerator. They identified an unmet need in the category: a healthy, nutritious energy bar that was fresh. The challenge was in getting retailers to understand why their product was so unique and so different and why consumers would flock to their stores if they stocked their brand.

If you think it’s difficult to fight for space in the center of the store, imagine this: fighting for shelf space in the refrigerator. The space is finite and it’s extremely competitive. Fast forward a couple of years and you can see other brands going in the space, including Once Upon A Farm from an earlier podcast, as well as many other brands. What really impressed me about this young brand is how well they know their numbers. They know their demographics. They know exactly what’s going on at the shelf. They pay close attention to the numbers, their consumers, and everything else that matters to a brand.

Unfortunately, this is an area that a lot of brands gloss over or really don’t understand. Actually, this is the purpose of this podcast, is to help you get your product on more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers by helping you maximize all your available resources and then teaching you where to go for additional information. On this podcast you’re going to hear about a unique study this brand did going above and beyond every other brand in the space. This is what I call true category leadership. If you’re impressed so far, this pales in comparison to the way they take care of their customers, their hive, their commitment to ensuring that their customers get a phenomenal experience every time.  

On this podcast, I talk about a lot of brands spending a lot of time reacquiring the same customer. This brand has found the perfect strategy to maximize every customer experience. This is how you build real loyalty. Here are Leigh Keith and Bill Keith  of Perfect Bar.

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