Shoppers want authentic products they can trust. That requires transparency. It all begins with the farmer. They produce the building block of your products, are critical to your success and they can help amplify your brand selling story.

Here’s how, your goal is to build a closely connected relationship with your shoppers. You need them to know, like, and trust your brand so that they will evangelize it to their communities. That’s the focus of this week’s content. Keep reading to learn why this matters, how it can help differentiate your brand and help you build sustainable sales.  

One of the best strategies I’ve seen work is highlighting the farm your ingredients come from. When you showcase the collaborative relationship you have with the real people, the farmers, responsible for the ingredients you choose to include in your products, it adds a level of credibility most brands lack. 

The reason some big brands leverage celebrity endorsements to help market and sell their products is to help build trust. They believe that celebrity testimonial will help influence you to buy their products – over the competition. 

The same is true when you showcase the farmers who produce the raw ingredients in your brand. Highlighting the expert who produced your raw ingredients can build instant credibility with your customers. Showcase that they have the same passion and commitment to real food as you do. Demonstrate that their values and mission align with your brand message. This can be a very powerful testimonial and it can dramatically enhance your brand story. 

Think of it this way. You put all your love and passion into creating an authentic product the world will love. Highlighting the same commitment by the farmer for the ingredients in your products is perhaps the best endorsement a brand can hope for. Put another way, you claim that your ingredients are of the highest quality right? Then stand behind your claim with proof that shoppers can trust and depend on. 

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