30 05, 2017

Maximize your trade marketing ROI with creative market basket strategies

By | 2017-09-23T16:40:59+00:00 May 30th, 2017|Trade Marketing ROI Increase|

Market basket refers to the assortment of items found in a customer’s shopping basket in the checkout line. Market basket is one of the most important terms in category management, shopper insights, marketing, brand management, etc. Understanding this important measure will help your brand maximize your sales growth and profits while developing loyal and [...]

8 02, 2017

Marketing strategies to reach new loyal shoppers

By | 2017-09-23T19:08:40+00:00 February 8th, 2017|Trade Marketing ROI Increase|

Brands rely heavily on promotions to generate excitement for their products and to encourage shoppers to purchase them. The objective of every promotion is to increase the number of shoppers using their products. The focus is primarily on gaining new loyal shoppers. Promotions that don’t achieve this result are a waste of resources and [...]

22 11, 2016

8 Strategies To Maximize Trade Marketing ROI

By | 2017-09-23T20:19:53+00:00 November 22nd, 2016|Trade Marketing ROI Increase|

Trade marketing is typically the single largest line item on a company’s income sheet, but how do you know if your trade marketing is effective? Most promotions are ineffective and fail to encourage new shopper trials - the primary goal of every promotion.  While rewarding loyal shoppers to make repeat purchases can prove beneficial, [...]