Sales Funnel Magnification

Effective strategies are the difference between success and failure. Most brands “hand over the keys” to their business to others without a clear line of sight to what’s really happening on the store shelves. Avoid costly out-of-stocks, inventory problems and lost sales by closely monitoring and providing clear expectations throughout your entire sales funnel to meet and exceed your sales objectives.

8 10, 2018

Learning to #HackNatural at NatchCom

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This past week I had the privilege of attending and contributing to NatchCom for the first time. NatchCom is an event that brings together industry thought leaders in the digital and e-commerce space primarily focused on natural better-for-you brands. I have long since maintained that brands need to have a multi-channel strategy. The old way of [...]

2 10, 2018

SECRETS 089 The importance of having a solid digital brand selling strategy with Madeline Haydon of Nutpods

By |2019-03-14T17:38:34-06:00October 2nd, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

Digital strategies give brands an equal voice against their largest competitors, leveling the playing field. The ability to create a connected community united around common needs, beliefs, and values is the most powerful way to amplify your brand’s voice. Welcome. Today's story is proof positive that developing a strong online digital [...]

25 09, 2018

SECRETS 087 Why it’s critical to build your brand with a sturdy foundation with Peter Burns of ONE Brands, Justins, and Hain Celestial

By |2019-03-14T17:43:05-06:00September 25th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

Brands with weak foundations crumble and fail. A commitment to excellence combined with discipline and hard-work are the building blocks for lasting success. Shortcuts erode and distract leading to bad habits that can derail and imperial your future. I appreciate you for listening. Thank you for all the great feedback and [...]

28 08, 2018

SECRETS 081 Connecting generations with love and a passion for real food with Greg Fleishman of Foodstirs and Purely Righteous Brands

By |2019-03-14T17:53:27-06:00August 28th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

All brands seek to make an impact. For some it’s profits, for some it’s mission, for others it’s leaving a legacy that can be handed down to future generations. This is the ultimate contribution a brand can make to its legacy - bridging the generations. Before I begin, I want to [...]

5 07, 2018

SECRETS 065 A strong vibrant community raises the tide for natural brands with Doug Helbig and Zach Greenberg of Colorado Food Works

By |2019-03-14T18:44:45-06:00July 5th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

The strength of natural is it’s ability to foster strong vibrant communities, mentoring, advice and business education in addition to support required to help brands succeed. Networking groups provide the glue to boost a brand's prosperity . Welcome. Thank you for listening. I really appreciate you listening to this podcast. This podcast [...]

12 06, 2018

SECRETS 058 Start with a Mission in mind – what big brands can learn from disruptive natural brands with Kyle Garner of Organic India / Climate Collaborative

By |2019-03-14T18:59:37-06:00June 12th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

It’s easier to begin with a mission in mind. The strength of small brands is their ability to to be agile and adaptive. Mission driven brands are changing the way we shop and the choices we make. Natural brands are influencing the choices big brands make. The theme for today's show [...]

7 06, 2018

SECRETS 057 Communication, the importance of a unified and powerful brand message with Steve Hoffman of Compass Natural Marketing

By |2019-03-14T19:01:14-06:00June 7th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

The strength of every brand is it’s ability to communicate beyond the four corners of its package. Shoppers demand authenticity and transparency beginning with the promise your brand makes. Amplifying the message is how you build loyalty & repeat sales.  Today I want to introduce you to someone I've known for [...]

15 05, 2018

SECRETS 050 Killing It – Life lessons of humility, love and inspiration with Sheryl O’Loughlin of REBBL

By |2019-03-14T21:03:41-06:00May 15th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

Most work to live. The inspired live to work with bold mission-driven visions that fuel their souls. A true leader is someone who humbly nurtures the creative spark within others to be more and do more. Mission and purpose are their guiding principles. This week's story is about an inspiring entrepreneur, [...]

9 05, 2018

12 Strategies and trends to compete effectively with healthy products

By |2019-03-22T20:58:15-06:00May 9th, 2018|Sales Funnel Magnification|

What are your goals for 2018?  Do they include more shopper foot traffic, full shopping baskets, happy loyal customers, and more sales? Natural products can help you reach those goals and compete more effectively in any economy. Natural (better for you) products are the fastest growing trend in retail.  Some estimates suggest that natural/organic [...]

17 04, 2018

SECRETS 040 Grow sustainable sales with expert advice with John Craven with BevNET

By |2019-03-15T09:37:29-06:00April 17th, 2018|Podcast, Sales Funnel Magnification|

Savvy entrepreneurs look to industry leaders to help guide, mentor, and inspire them. They know and appreciate learning ways to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate their growth. This shortens their learning curve helping them grow sustainable sales.  The underlying theme of this podcast is that it's about you and it's for [...]