3 08, 2017

Clean Label, Why It’s Important And What It Means To Shoppers – (hint, it’s all about perception)

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The term “natural” used to be the industry standard highlighting the better-for-you aspect of products and their ingredients.  It signified that the product was from nature or all natural.  It implied trust, quality, and purity.  The term went “viral” and every brand jumped on the natural bandwagon, including brands whose packaging was typically healthier [...]

18 07, 2017

Simple solutions to maximize broker/distributor effectiveness

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Most brands have a love/hate relationship with their brokers and distributors. That's because brokers and distributors support multiple brands at the same time.  This means that they have a limited amount of time to focus their attention on your brand. Brokers and distributors provide a valuable service helping natural organic brands grow quickly and [...]

12 07, 2017

5 strategies to grow your brand and get noticed

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Shoppers can’t buy what they can’t find.  I’ve been saying this now for years.  Having your products on retailer’s shelves is the key to every brand’s success.  Sales are multiplied many times by the number of retailer shelves shoppers can purchase your products on.  It is also the key to every effective marketing and [...]

15 06, 2017

Can natural brands and retailers compete with and learn from successful mainstream CPG companies?

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The quick answer is yes, BUT they need to step up their game! There is a seismic shift coming to the natural retail landscape. This will create a dramatic change to the go-to-market strategies used by natural brands and retailers. Whole Foods is in the process of adopting category management principles, the same strategies [...]

28 01, 2017

The Importance Of Natural Organic Products In Traditional Retail

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Natural and organic products are responsible for growing sales in almost every category. Shoppers are now able to find natural organic products in every channel in most every retailer including Drug, Mass, and Convenience. Total Store all outlet sales are up +2.2%. Food represents 60.6% of total store sales, up +1.9%. Natural food represents [...]

14 12, 2016

11 Key Strategies To Increase Your Market Basket Size And Grow Sales

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The term "market basket "(or shopping basket) is perhaps one of the most important terms in retail. The market basket includes all of the items Shoppers purchase on each shopping trip. The reason this matters so much is that health conscious natural organic shoppers spend more than regular shoppers.  For example, a shopper purchasing [...]

16 11, 2016

Grow Center Store Sales With Healthy Better-For-You products

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Consumers are always looking for solutions to improve their vitality and health.  You can't listen to the radio, turn on the TV, or read anything without seeing a story focused on improving our health.  While the majority of articles are focused on healthier trends, some of the focus on things we should avoid.  For [...]

2 11, 2016

12 Strategies and trends to compete effectively with healthy products

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What are your goals for 2017?  Do they include more shopper foot traffic, full shopping baskets, happy loyal customers, and more sales? Natural products can help you reach those goals and compete more effectively in any economy. Natural (better for you) products are the fastest growing trend in retail.  Some estimates suggest that natural/organic [...]

16 03, 2016

How Relevant are Natural and Organic Products at Retail?

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They drive sustainable sales! There’s a lot of talk about the importance of natural and organic products, their growth trends, and the increased pressure consumers are placing on retailers to sell healthier products they can trust. Retailers have a fixed amount of shelf space, with an overabundance of brands competing for their attention. To [...]

18 11, 2015

Snack Category Trends: Healthy Snacks Driving Growth

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Snacking is one of the fastest growing trends, and it’s replacing traditional meals on a more regular basis than ever before. Half of Americans use snacking as a meal replacement, as these time-starved consumers are constantly looking for quick ready-to-eat alternatives. Indeed, the term, "grab-and-go" has become a primary focus strategy for most CPG [...]