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Shoppers can’t purchase your brand if they can’t easily find it.  If they can’t find it, then the retailer’s market basket suffers.  It’s not enough to simply have distribution.  You must also be able to identify key opportunities to gain distribution. Increase your sales with an effective distribution strategy that removes the shopper guesswork and increases retailer foot traffic.

21 01, 2020

SECRETS 162 How To Get More Profitable Distribution To Grow Sales With Daniel Lohman From Brand Secrets And Strategies

By |2020-04-04T16:27:28-06:00January 21st, 2020|Distribution Expansion, Podcast, Video|

The right distribution in the right stores can skyrocket your growth while trying to sell your products in the wrong stores can be fatal. It can even derail and bankrupt your brand. You need to know the difference and how to avoid this fatal mistake. Do you want to know [...]

23 07, 2019

SECRETS 136 Bob Burke With Natural Products Consulting, The Retail Game – What You Need To Know

By |2020-04-05T16:14:16-06:00July 23rd, 2019|Distribution Expansion, Podcast, Video|

Retail is pay-to-play and, like any game, you need to know the rules. The better you know the rules, the more effective your selling strategy can explode your sales and profits. Your creativity can then give you a significant competitive advantage. Welcome. Today's story impacts every brand that has or [...]

23 10, 2018

SECRETS 93 Doug Brent With Made In Nature, Profitably Bridging The Gap Between Perimeter & Center Store

By |2020-04-07T17:26:14-06:00October 23rd, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

Snacking has changed the way people think about meals, sometimes as a meal replacement. Shoppers want healthy options they can trust from authentic brands. Produce is the bridge into center store. Success favors brands positioned to meet shopper's needs. Today's story is about a small innovative organic brand that's working hard [...]

18 09, 2018

SECRETS 86 Zak Normandin With DIRTY LEMON & Little Duck Organics, Hard Work, Persistence, & Curiosity, The Prescription For Success

By |2020-04-07T18:34:58-06:00September 18th, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

There is a lot every entrepreneur needs to know about starting a brand. While failure, hard work and perseverance can be the best teachers, there's a better way. Listening carefully and giving your customers what they want is the shortest path to success. Welcome. Thank you for listening, as always. I want [...]

21 08, 2018

SECRETS 79 Vincent Kitirattragarn With Dang Foods, How A Family Recipe Became A Thriving Brand

By |2020-04-07T20:59:36-06:00August 21st, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

Standing out on a crowded shelf is difficult for any brand. Disruptive brands find creative ways to gain distribution outside traditional categories. Even more impactful is capturing the shopper's attention when they first enter the store. Before I begin, I want to remind you that there's a free downloadable guide for [...]

25 07, 2018

SECRETS 70 Jennifer Krupey & Jim Moscou With NatchCom, Online Brand Strategies To Accelerate Sales

By |2020-04-08T11:18:31-06:00July 25th, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

Retail has changed. Brands need to also have a robust online strategy to be successful. This gives brands a powerful megaphone to attract new shoppers and build brand awareness. It levels the playing field while giving brands a compelling selling story. Thank you for listening. I really appreciate you tuning in. [...]

19 07, 2018

SECRETS 69 Brandon Martin With Local Roots Farms, “Improving Global Health By Building A Better Food System”

By |2020-04-08T11:23:18-06:00July 19th, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

The future demands creative out-of-the box strategies to solve global hunger, protect our precious resources, and improve global health. Today’s story is about a brand who has embarked on this bold mission with a commitment to build a better food system. Today's story's about an innovative brand that has a really [...]

21 06, 2018

SECRETS 61 Corinne Shindelar With INFRA & The Climate Collaborative, Success Strategies For Natural Retailers, The Lifeblood Of Natural Brands

By |2020-04-11T12:00:39-06:00June 21st, 2018|Distribution Expansion, Podcast|

Most healthy brands first appear on natural retailer shelves. They are experts in providing tremendous value, customer service and product education to shoppers. Natural retailers who collaborate with brands gain a significant competitive advantage. On this podcast, we spend a lot of time talking about brands, brand strategy as well as [...]

18 06, 2018

Getting To First Base – With Consumers

By |2019-03-22T20:10:28-06:00June 18th, 2018|Distribution Expansion|

Most of us spend our days constantly looking to make a dramatic improvement in whatever project we’re working on. We see our competition getting ahead but can't seem to find ways in our busy schedule to keep up. As a result, this creates a lot of stress and can act as a huge distraction [...]

22 02, 2018

Create a compelling retailer sales story

By |2019-03-22T21:24:55-06:00February 22nd, 2018|Distribution Expansion|

To get your brand on a retailer's shelf you need to convince them that your product will help them make more money.  Sounds simple, right?  Not so fast. First, you must have a compelling retailer sales story. Retailers need and want brands willing and able to help them drive sustainable sales. Gain a competitive [...]


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