Effective team building is one of the biggest challenges every brand faces. The level of skill you attract is a direct reflection of your capabilities as a leader, the opportunity that you present to prospective candidates, and your commitment to giving them a solid work/life balance. The more compelling your brand selling story, the better able you will be to attract talent. Everyone wants to be on a winning team that makes a real difference. 

You know the game where you tell someone a story and they tell someone else and so on. By the time the story comes back around to you it’s unrecognizable. Your selling story needs to be told the same way by each and every member of your team. It needs to also be shared with the same passion and enthusiasm as originally told by the founder across your entire sales funnel. 

Learn why this matters and how it can give you a substantial competitive advantage. 

Getting this right will add rocket fuel to your growth and the best part is that most brands don’t have the discipline to do this effectively. This is exactly why I launched my free Turnkey Sale Story Strategies course. This is also an ideal template for hiring the right people to successfully grow your brand. Ensure you have a compelling selling story that resonates with consumers, retailers, your team, and prospective employees.  

A lot of young companies fail to adopt a solid growth strategy that includes hiring the right talent to help them break through key anticipated bottlenecks. They are frequently reactive instead of being proactive as a result. Not only can this be costly, it can be a costly mistake that has the potential of derailing your brand.    

This can also make it difficult to attract good candidates. Talented confident people are careful not to jeopardize their future on brands that have a questionable hiring process let alone a high turnover. 

You need to choose the right people who align with your company culture, values, and mission and this all begins with a solid brand selling story. Effective leaders are known for their ability to surround themselves with enthusiastic talented people who can help them build, execute, and scale.

The greatest compliment I ever received was that I was able to make my idea someone else’s and then empower them to take ownership of it and take it to an entirely different level. I built a huge group of volunteer leaders that changed the lives of a lot of future leaders. Building this team was one of my most proudest accomplishments. The most inspiring leaders I interview on my Brand Secrets And Secrets podcast all share similar stories humbly giving credit to their team for their success.   

This is what you should aspire to – a legacy that makes a difference. 

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