Today I’m excited to introduce you to the guy that I think is the thought leader in our industry. His name is Bill Bishop, and for those of you who don’t know him, he’s the chief architect of Brick Meets Click. Bill Bishop is the thought leader in the industry from my perspective. What I mean by that is that he is the go to guy that has his finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, not only in what’s going on in traditional retail; but on online.

Brick Meets Click is the intersection of traditional brick and mortar and online. And with Bill’s company, he’s able to explore a lot of the new trends that are taking place regarding taking a brand from a traditional retailer shelf and putting it online, and the impact that that’s having in the industry. Bill has a rich history of working with a lot of iconic brands. I’ve known Bill for quite a while, and I have the privilege of calling him a friend.

Bill is the consummate professional and industry thought leader. He is one of the most honest, genuine and real people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Bill commands the respect of the entire industry with his thought leadership and his understanding of the challenges facing today’s traditional and non-traditional retailers. His thoughts and that quality of his work are unparalleled. He’s looked up to and admired by superiors and other thought leaders. Here’s Bill.

Bill, thank you for joining me today. I really appreciate you being on the show. I’m thrilled to have you. What I wanted to do is first of all, your impression of what trends you see in the industry, what changes you’ve seen over time, and how you see brands and retail progressing into the online space and still competing effectively in traditional brick and mortar. So Bill, again, thank you for your time; and if you could start with a little bit about your history that would be great.

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