Growing a brand is difficult and it can take a lot out of you. You feel like you need to be everywhere at once and that you need to handle everything yourself when you’re first starting out. The constant deluge of distractions fights for your attention and can derail you. This is a key reason why over 80% of natural brands fail within the first year – I’m committed to changing this. 

You’re told that you constantly need to raise more money to keep the lights on and promote your brand. Retail is pay to play. This hamster wheel strategy is not sustainable.   

There is a better way! 

I’ve always believed that character and integrity are revealed by the way we “show up” – the way we present ourselves to the world through our actions, thoughts, and deeds. We need to be at our best to perform at our best. Consider how a high performing athlete is constantly focused on healthy eating, training, hydration, getting the proper rest, etc. This gives them a competitive edge and it can give you a competitive edge as well. 

“Energy Flows Where Focus Goes”

Your brand’s success is a reflection of your overall health. It directly affects your ability to maximize distribution, sales, and profits. This means that while you focus on your brand health, don’t lose site of your overall health – your wellness elevated. 

Shoppers want healthy brands that authentically practice what they preach. They want and need for your mission, brand statement, and brand story to align with you and your team on a personal level. Congruency is a big component in building trust. Incongruency can be the fastest way to lose shopper trust.       

Today’s podcast, SECRETS 133 Brand Health Begins With Your Wellness Elevated With Whitney Lauritsen (Eco-Vegan Gal) And Jason Wrobel From Wellevatr, is focused on this. Your overall wellness includes a lot more than simply your physical health. It includes your mental health and much more. It also includes the community that supports you and helps you thrive.  

Balance is the key to your success here. Some might also call it your alignment with your highest good and best self.   

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