Daniel Lohman CPSA

Dan Lohman, CPSA

People often ask me why I do what I do.  

I am passionate about our industry.  My motivation stems from the belief that all natural brands deserve an equal seat at the table.  Leveling the playing field and providing access to insider secrets and the tools and resources the big brands have gives our smaller natural brands a significant competitive advantage.  I believe that brands deserve actionable insights and strategic solutions, to know what retailers REALLY want and specific information on how to get their product onto more store shelves.  My intention of making a healthier way of life more accessible for consumers is the inevitable outcome of helping natural brands and retailers compete more effectively.  Providing these free resources for you is simply my way of giving back.

My mission is simple.  To empower brands and raise the bar in our industry.

Dan Lohman, CPSA is an Organic and CPG Industry Strategic Advisor.  He is certified at the highest level of category management proficiency: Certified Professional Strategic Advisor. 

Early in his career, Dan was a Grocery Manager, a DSD (Direct Sales Delivery) salesman, a District Sales Manager, a Key Account Executive, a National Category Captain in multiple categories, and a Category Development Manager supporting the largest retailer in the country. He has taught category management theory to co-workers, leading brands and top retailers. 

Dan was formally trained by the best and most progressive companies in the industry and has worked with and supported the top brands and retailers at the highest levels.  He identified and created the first retailer-focused reporting tools in the natural channel, radically changing and improving the opportunity for brands and retailers to better drive sales and profits.

While at Kimberly-Clark, Unilever and SPINS, Daniel was responsible for mentoring, growing sales, and teaching category management theory and principles. He is uniquely qualified and has worked with and supported hundreds of natural and conventional manufacturers, retailers and brokers.

His company, Brand Secrets and Strategies (Category Management Solutions) provides innovative ideas, actionable insights and strategic solutions for companies interested in gaining a significant competitive advantage.  Dan is known for his unique ability to assist companies in expanding their retail distribution and improving merchandising.  

With over 25 years in the industry, Dan’s extensive knowledge and expertise reaches far beyond traditional category management and has earned him recognition throughout the industry as an influencer, expert, speaker, trainer and thought leader. 

He is a trusted and respected member of the natural community. As a top contributor to the leading trade publications, he has more than 300 published articles both in print and digitally.

Dan’s Brand Secrets and Strategies podcast is an audio natural products accelerator for food startups, entrepreneurs, emerging health-focused brands and retailers. It’s radically different and raising the bar in our industry. In addition to sharing his 25 years of experience, Dan talks with well-known industry thought leaders who candidly share their advice.  Learn actionable insights and strategic solutions to grow your brand, avoid the pitfalls, compete more effectively against the big brands and save valuable time and money.

He recently released his course, Turnkey Sales Story Strategies. This is your roadmap to success. In this course, you will learn the insider secrets of how to get your brand on the shelf and what retailers REALLY want.  He will be announcing several fall courses that will specifically address exactly what a brand needs to know to succeed and grow in this industry.

Because giving back to his community and helping healthy brands succeed is so important to him, he has chosen to make his Turnkey Sales Story Strategies course available to brands at no charge.

Dan’s weekly newsletter, articles, educational podcast and training courses are revolutionizing the industry and have become an invaluable resource for brands and retailers seeking to grow sales. 

Proof that this stuff works!

This short podcast episode will inspire you. It’s a David and Goliath story.  These strategies helped a small regional brand outmaneuver and block the largest national category leader from dominating sales and promotions at a new superstore’s grand opening.

About Category Management Solutions

To help young health conscious brands get their products in the hands of more consumers thus making our healthy way of life more accessible and more affordable.
  • Authenticity – values driven approach that aligns you with your core shopper
  • Transparency – complete transparency every step of the way
  • Integrity – above all else, a resource you can trust
  • The first person to be certified at the highest level of category management proficiency – Certified Professional Strategic Advisor (CPSA)
  • A sought-after expert speaker and regular contributor to the leading trade publications
  • Category Management National Speaker and Trainer
  • Category Management Trade Publications – Author and Contributor

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